Your responsibility for security on your properties does not end with contracting a security firm. You put a lot of effort into defining detailed protocols and keeping them up to date. You constantly evaluate your choice of agency to make sure protocols are followed and reports provide you with information in a timely manner. Ideally, you need to be able to independently verify what is happening, so you can take immediate corrective action and plan for continuous improvement.


Our Solution is TRACKTIK™

TrackTik’s real-time Guard Tour System automates the provision of information so you can be absolutely sure the right action is taken. For example, you can update instructions for a particular checkpoint, such as “verify room temperature”, so that a guard will automatically receive them when scanning the checkpoint. Exception management allows you to define a range of temperatures for that room so that, when the guard notes a temperature outside that range, notification is automatically sent to maintenance.




TrackTik’s real-time Guard Tour System also keeps all information gathered updated and accessible. Know exactly what is going on at your properties at all times, and constantly store evidence of any incidents.